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Dear Miss Wendy,

Spring is upon us and it’s time to start getting pedicures. But……… I recently moved to New York and have heard that the city is filled with men with foot fetishes. Is this true and if so, should I continue to wear my sandals. And what about toenail polish? Should I wear it and what color?



Dear Footsie,

Yes, New York is filled with men with foot fetishes but just like most other New Yorkers they are entirely too busy to indulge their fantasies. It’s not anyone who can sit still long enough to attract tootsie admirers. But please continue to have your toenails polished; at least you can enjoy them. And be sure to use blood red polish by Lippman ($15 a bottle at Bergdorfs, but it is worth it), Kiehls foot cream (they have a shop on Columbus now) and Manolo Blahnik sandals (Saks). And Tiffany’s carries a really sweet ankle bracelet but you will have to go to Sixth Street to get a toe ring. And as for publishing photos of your feet on the web, you can…..oh my, I seemed to have gotten a little carried away. 'Bye now and do have a wonderful spring, dear.

Dear Miss Wendy,

Does ANYONE have sex in Connecticut?


Just asking.

Dear Just,


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