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Angelo Rivera at Large!
Written by Wendy R. Williams

It was June of 2005 and there were a lot of celebrities out “doing” something (or someone) or the other . And New York Cool photographer Angelo Rivera was there for it all, aiming his camera at the movers and shakers of this city
... (more)

Puff Daddy

The People Have Spoken
Tribecca Film Festival
Short Film Competition
$50,000 Grand Prize Award
June 29, 2005
Tribecca Cinama

Written and photographed by Wendy R. Williams
On June 29th, 2005, the Tribeca Film Festival hosted the Short Film Competition $50,000 Grand Prize Award,..(more)

Uncle Stumpy’s Blitzkrieg
Written by Wendy R. Williams

One of the coolest things about living in the East Village is walking by all the art incubators that line the streets. Everywhere you look, someone is cooking up something: art; music; clothing; and/or theater. It’s and/or theater because theater is an integral part of all art... (more)

Uncle Stumpy's Blitzkrieg
The Coney Island Mermaid Parade & Ball
June 28, 2005
Written by Ilise S. Carter

Like some Pagan ritual of yore, every summer solstice finds the gritty streets and boardwalks of Coney Island transformed into an undersea paradise of mermaids ....

Flan (…and the events leading up to it.)
Written by John Pelham

On the day of the Gay Pride Parade, I had margaritas for breakfast, a burrito for lunch and flan for dinner. My mom told me that this was not a well balanced diet, but I assured her that each meal had its purpose... (more)

VH-1’s Best Week Ever LIVE
Written by Jessica Cogan

On June 9th, VH-1’s darling child Best Week Ever went live at comic epicenter Caroline’s on Broadway. For the uninitiated, Best Week Ever takes a look back at the week’s events and makes a lot of fun... (more)
VH-1's Best Week Ever

The Urbanworld Film Festival
Written by Wendy R. Williams

It was a hot week in June and the Urbanworld Film Festival was back for its ninth year and it was just the thing for hot New Yorkers - a chance to go inside and see hot films in a cool environment... (more)

The Urbanworld Film Festival
Sara Schaefer is Obsessed With You
Written and Photographed by Tara Koppel

I’ve never told anyone this, but I was actually an original cast member in The Wizard of Oz..  While the others were traveling to Oz for a brain, a heart, courage, and a home, my character was going to The Wizard in search of a comedy... (more)
Sara Schaefer

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