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"Jazz In New York: A Community of Visions by Lourdes Delgado"
May 25 through July 3, 2005
The Jazz Gallery
(see below for the July and August exhibit dates)

Written by Yolanda Shoshana

Photograped by Krisztina Fazekas (Lourdes Delgado was the exhibit photographer and her photographs were then photgraphed by Krisztina)


Exhibit Wall Photographed by Krisztina Fazekas

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The Jazz Gallery, a jazz cultural center, recently showcased a jazz photo exhibit titled "Jazz in New York: A Community of Visions by Lourdes Delgado."
As I walked into the Soho space, alluring jazz music was playing in the background. The music was a nice touch, helping me to immerse myself in the photos which depicted the rich history of jazz in New York City.

Photographed by Krisztina Fazekas

The exhibit started as a project for Delgado five years ago. It is a unique
exhibit because is not just about musicians and their instruments.The
exhibit explores the social and cultural aspects of jazz. It features over
three hundred portraits of men and women, the masters and the young
artists, the mainstream and experimental musicians of the New York jazz


Jeff Ballard

Select photos were chosen to be displayed at The Jazz Gallery. The black and white photos were incredibly intimate. Delgado photographed the subjects in their homes and chose only one photo from each session. The photos were compelling - Delgado
obviously has the knack of capturing her subjects in their best light.

Some of the photos in the exhibit included:

David Sanborn

Famous saxophone player, David Sanborn, sitting in what appears to be his music studio at home. Sitting front and center is Sanborn's dog, which also appears to be posing for the shot.

Dewey Redman, a saxophone player from Flatbush, looks like royalty as he sits
surrounded by a wall full of posters and flyers from his past concerts.

Big band manager and Charles Mingus' widow, Sue Mingus, looks poetic as she sits on a couch. On her wall hangs the Charlie Mingus postal stamp.

"Jazz in New York" is a must-see for jazz fans in the city;the photos tell a story. The exhibit is a classy display of the city's musical history.

Although the exhibit at The Jazz Gallery has closed because the gallery is undergoing renovations, you can still catch "Jazz in New York" at a few locations this summer and fall: Brooklyn Public Library Windsor Terrace (October 17-November 21, 2005); and the jazz radio station WBGO (August 1-September 26, 2005). You can also see a part of the exhibit online by going to:
http://photographychannel.tv/ and click on "Jazz in New York: A Community of Visions."

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