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Ask Miss Wendy
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Dear Miss Wendy,

Summer is here and everywhere I go, someone is always asking me if I want to get in their hot tub. Well, I don’t want to seem like a pussy, but the idea of getting into a tub where the whole world has been soaking….. Well, that thought is bad enough, but what if they did something in the hot tub? And you just know someone did when they thought no one was looking.


A Little Fishy

Dear Fishy,

Believe me Miss Wendy has had the same thoughts. Just what is swimming
around in those tubs? And you can't tell me the heat kills everthing. Miss Wendy is still alive when she gets out of a hot tub. This is why Miss Wendy is such a fan of
Purel hand cleaner. I surreptitiously pour a bottle of Purel into the hot tub and then I soak. Hey, if it can kill the germs in the subway, it can take care of the **. and the ** and so on and so on.

Dear Miss Wendy,

My friends want me to go to Ibiza with them. Should I go?



Dear Skeppy,

Have you seen any photos of the Ibizia scene - all the grunting, sweating, pushing and rubbing on the dance floor? Those dancers all look like they are doing it with the strangers behind them. In Miss Wendy’s humble opinion, unless you can get fitted for a body condom, you had best say home and “go at it” with the perverts you know rather than travel around the world to “engage” with some random European stranger that you will never get to see, much less meet.

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