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Dear Miss Wendy,

What do you think about that new Dove deodorant commercial, you know the one where women go around asking their friends-and-family what they think about their armpits? As in, “Seven days to turn your armpits into underarms.” At www.dove.com/7daytest


Smooth but Confused

Dear Smoothie,

I certainly hope this is not the start of a new fetish. I remember when Miss Wendy was living one of her other lives (as a playwright) and innocently wrote a foot fetish into her script – thinking that absolutely no one could possibly be turned on by FEET! Well! It seems that there is a whole world out there that thinks of nothing but feet and they are divided in to many subsets: beautiful feet, dirty feet, wrinkly fee, etc... I heard from all of them. It got to the point that I had to warn all the actresses in my play that they a large group of new fans and they simply must not have any chips in their toe nail polish and that they must wear Manolo Blahnik sandals (Saks and Bergdorfs), use Lippman Nail Polish ($15 a bottle at Bergdorfs) and Ahava Mineral Foot Cream ($16 a tube at Saks).
And please, I do not want to hear from the underarm fetishers. It is all I can do to keep up with my correspondence from the footies.

Dear Miss Wendy,

There is this real hottie in my office. Will it create problem if I sleep with him?


Dear Wondy,

Of course it will create problems. You will see him the next day under fluorescent lighting.

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