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Dear Miss Wendy,

I have been horrified to hear that some men using the longer lasting drugs for ED (this is not an abbreviation for education) are having “reactions” that last up to four hours.

I am too young to be “intimately” familiar with this problem but want to know what to expect in the future.

Just polling,

Dear Pole,

So here we are again. First there was Viagra, the so-called wonder drug which made it unsafe for women to date elderly gentlemen with the expectation that all that would be involved was a free dinner and a little boring conversation about Republican politics. All over the world, old geezers (with little blue pills clutched in their fists) are chasing their female companions around their rocking chairs. And now we have drugs like Levrita (“Strong and Lasting – For that Quality Sexual Experience).” Are we now going to be treated to the spectacle of emergency rooms filled with elderly men who can't keep their bathrobes closed? And this is progress! There was a biological reason for the slow down in sexual activity as people aged. Someone needs to watch CSPAN.

Dear Miss Wendy,

What do you think about the idea of hot young men like Ashton Kutcher dating older women like Demi Moore?

Aging Well,

Dear Aging,

This is a wonderful idea whose time has definitely come.

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