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Ten Years After Concert
With Opening Band -
The Lizards
B.B. Kings Blues Club & Grill
March 15th, 2006, 8PM

Written by Shareshten Senior
Photographed by Krisztina Fazekas


Ten Years After Guitarist Joe Gooch

If you missed 1969's Woodstock (which most of us did), hearing the Woodstock famed British band Ten Years After is a chance to take a walk down hippie lane. One March 15, 2006 at B. B. Kings, the crowd was full of long haired ex-hippies. Walking in off the streets, you might have felt like you had left just New York City.

The Lizards Patrick Klein
The Lizards Mike Dimeo

The Lizards were the opening band; they set the tone with their screaming guitars, brilliant drum solos and leather pants. Drummer Bobby Rondinelli has some smashing bangs. The keyboardist, Mike Dimeo (also a vocalist) provided a good accompaniment to the mostly drum and guitar solo oriented music. Mike Dimeo has a powerful voice and delivers a message with his music. However, due to its instrumentalist style, it was almost as if the lead singer was the backup for the other musicians. The guitarist, Patrick Klein (who also backs the group on the harmonica) and the bassist, Randy Pratt founded the Lizards. The group was very in tune with each other and certainly did not leave the crowd with the typical "opening band" vibe. For more on The Lizards:

Ten Years After Bassist Leo Lyons
Ten Years After Keyboardist Chick Churchill

So on to Ten Years After. If you missed the aforementioned Woodstock, this performance wasn't an exact replica. But Alvin Lee being replaced by Joe Gooch on vocals is really the only big difference. Ten Years After is made up of Leo Lyons (bass), Ric Lee (drummer), Chick Churchill on the keyboard, and of course Joe Gooch doing vocals as well as electric guitar. They just toured Europe to promote their new album, titled "Now." The band is now touring the U. S., visiting a variety of cities including Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Fishkill, NY (near Woodstock). I have the album and it is great; it includes my personal favorite the live track "I'd Love to Change the World." In fact, about 70% of their music was performed live before the group went to the studio. The nearly four decades old band is categorized as British blues/rock, but the category is a limiting label for their unique and artistic music. The band also has a bit of comic flair and personality. "I know you could have seen the Rolling Stones tonight," the drummer says in the middle of the set, "but I think you made a much better choice."

Ten Years After Drummer Ric Lee

You can visit Ten Years After's website and post a question, comment or request. They read and respond: . If you would like information on upcoming events at B.B. King's Lounge, you can log onto:


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