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Davis Guggenheim’s
An Inconvenient Truth
Opens Wednesday
May 24, 2006
Landmark Sunshine Theater
AMC Loews Lincoln Square


Reviewed by Wendy R. Williams
Photo Credit Eric Lee



President George W. Bush has said that he won’t see this movie, but you must! All of our lives depend on it!

Starring: Al Gore

Former Vice President Al Gore has always been "green." You’ve heard the stories. He actually wrote a book about it (Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit), something his Republican opponents enjoyed poking fun at, as if being interested in the environment was equated with wearing Birkenstocks - you know, one of those things a real man wouldn’t do. Then after the Supreme Court declared our present President, George Bush, the winner of the 2000 election, Gore was suddenly a man who had some time on his hands. He then made a decision: If he could not be the leader of the free world, he would become a leader in the fight to save the world.

And that is just what he has done, traveling around the world giving a slide presentation (over one thousand times), showing how our polar ice caps and glaciers are shrinking, accompanied by graphs that show how hot the world has become (according to the documentary, the hottest ten years of records have occurred in the last fourteen years) . And all of this "melting down and heating up" has a direct correlation to the increase in CO2 levels in our atmosphere (there are graphs for the CO2 increase also), an increase cause by our burning fuels in our cars, homes and businesses. And this “melting down and heating up” is also the cause of the increase in hurricanes (the oceans are hotter) and if the logical progression continues (there are graphs for the logical progression too), up to forty-five million people could lose their lives and homes to the rising sea! Forty-five million people!

Movie Producer Lawrence Bender and environmental activist Laurie David (Larry David’s wife) saw the show and decided to help Gore get his message out. They then convinced him to participate in a documentary about his quest. The newly founded production team then recruited Scott Z. Burns, Jeff Skoll and director Davis Guggenheim (of Deadwood fame and Elizabeth Shue's husband) to help them bring the message to the public.

And yes, the documentary does show Al Gore speaking with slides, charts and graphs. That may not sound like a very exciting show, but believe me it is. I was gripping my seat while listening to what he had to say. The message is simply this: We only have about five or ten years (hopefully) to in the words of Carlos Santana, “change your evil ways, Baby,” before Katrina and the Tsunami seem like hor d'oeuvres for the approaching Hell’s Banquet.

So please go see An Inconvenient Truth and tell all of your friends to go see it too. The survival of our planet as we know it depends upon our knowing and changing. After all, no one would willingly destroy their children’s only home.

An Inconvient Truth received standing ovations at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival.

Landmark's Sunshine Cinema 143 East Houston Street
AMC Loews Lincoln Square 1998 Broadway

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