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New York Fitness Model Flexes His Multi-Talents

Written by Elias Stimac
Opposite Photo Credit -
Donna Kelly

Anthony Catanzaro has been working as a model for the past 17 years. He grew up in Bay Shore, Long Island. He relates that he grew up “kind of country -- I had a huge backyard and used to drive a pick-up truck!” He moved to New York City after meeting his wife Tina, and he continues to reside in the Big Apple while he pursues both modeling and magazine writing.

NYCool: How did you get started in modeling?

Catanzaro: I was 18 years old and working at a home improvement center at that time in my hometown of Long Island, when a photographer came into the store one day to buy paneling. I helped him pick out the style and when I started to load the paneling into his van, I remember the guy was just staring at me! I was thinking to myself, “Oh man, let me just get the paneling in this guy’s truck already.” When I finished, he gave me his card and said that he shoots evening wear and swimsuit catalogs for both men and women, and that he thought I had a very sensual look! Not something an 18-year-old kid wants to hear. When he left, I showed the card to my co-workers and they told me to give him a call and see what happens. They thought I was a very good-looking kid, and that I had a star quality that shouldn't be wasted on selling floor tile. So to make a long story short, I contacted him, got the job, and landed on the cover of the catalog! Soon afterwards, I began to pursue a career in modeling.

Photo Credit - William Koontz

NYCool: Is it true you started out as a fashion model? 

Catanzaro: I started out as a fashion model, but became kind of bored with it because it required you to be very serious all the time with no expression, like a mannequin. I wasn't much into doing that because of my personality. I'm very outgoing and I'm always looking to laugh and imitate characters and so on. So I didn't model clothes very well because I was taking the attention away from the clothes.

NYCool: What makes you stand out as a fitness model? 

Catanzaro: What stands out about me the most is my personality. I have a strong smile, and I feel very comfortable with my body. I’ve been working out since the age of 15, so I have some years in the business. I always say, you have to be yourself in the photos. You can’t pose or try to create a look, the best look is your own look!

NYCool: What is your fitness schedule during the week? 

Catanzaro: I work out five days a week! I train with my workout partner Anthony Bevilacqua he's 18 years old and very hungry. I enjoy training with him as we push each other very hard. I also train clients out of my personal training studio mornings and evenings, Monday through Friday. I believe in following a strict diet and I love to help others get into shape!

NYCool: Where has your modeling career taken you? 

Catanzaro: I have never modeled outside the U.S. Although many of the magazines and articles that I have written have been seen all over the world, and I'm very proud to say that I have fans all over the world! I am thankful for each and every one of them!

NYCool: What is the wildest shoot you have been on? 

Catanzaro: I modeled for “Playgirl Magazine” back in 2001. I was the “Playgirl” centerfold for that month. The shoot was in Fire Island at a place called "Cherry Grove.” It was a very good shoot, and everywhere we went we were drawing huge crowds. It was nice to have that experience for a day.

Photo Credit - William Koontz

NYCool: What are your other interests? 

Catanzaro: My main interest always has been to educate people on health. Not by just working out, but in other ways, too! Like mental focus, and how to build one’s self confidence. I hope to one day speak in front of large crowds on this subject. 

NYCool: What advice do you have for other people who want to be fashion models?

Catanzaro: Get some photos taken of yourself. They don't have to be professional, just make sure they represent you well. Try to get into an open call with fashion modeling agents, there are so many agents in NYC. If you’re tall and very slim with a unique look, you have a great chance! 

NYCool: What advice do you have for other people who want to be fitness models? 

Catanzaro: The same advice applies, get photos taken and submit them to health and fitness magazines and to their photographers as well. You can find all of their information in the first few pages of the magazine. But the number one thing to always remember is to be confident! You can do anything your heart believes. It's in your heart for a reason. God instills thoughts in your head to be accomplished, not to just dream about. So get out there and do it!! 

NYCool: What are your future career plans? 

Catanzaro: I will continue modeling until time points me in another direction. I would love to do a TV show or a movie where I can show my personality. But these things take time I would love to be a world famous actor but I have to start small first. There is so much garbage on TV today that the public needs to watch something that is more wholesome rather than reality shows which ruin people’s lives! I know one day I will be on TV changing lives for the better.

Photo Credit - William Koontz

NYCool: What is your family life like?

Catanzaro: Would you believe that I met my wife at a nightclub which was having a hot body contest that evening? I won the contest, and won over my future wife-to-be as well! We have been together ever since November of 1993. I love my wife and I truly couldn’t find a better person for me. I am truly blessed. I lost my mom in July of that same year, and I have always felt that my mom was the reason that I met Tina. My dad also passed away some time ago. I have some older sisters and an older brother who still live in Long Island.

NYCool: What is it like living and working in New York City? 

Catanzaro: New York City is the most energetic place on earth! If you live here, you know what I'm talking about. It is true what they say, that when you’re born a NEW YORKER, anywhere else you decide to live in the future, you will still be a New Yorker! It’s the best place to live and work. A city so nice they named it twice!

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