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Wrap Up & Walk AIDS Benefit Party
May 17th, 2006
Spy - 17 West 19 th Street - New York

Written by Shareshten Senior
Photographed by Linus Gelber

  DJ M.O.S.

The room was dimly lit, showcasing glowing bottles of PINK vodka. Fashionably funky supporters filled the dance floor, fueled by visits to the open bar. D.J. M.O.S. spun old skool funk, Michael Jackson, and hip-hop beat records from a booth overlooking the dancers on the floor. It was a night filled with style, originality and enthusiasm for a great cause – wiping the scourge of AIDS off the face of the world.

Santrice Simon, dressed in Coup D'etat, wore a shirt that appropriately read: "Live to change something." Simon hosted the event with help from the diligent micro-managing skills of the Kimberly Group (headed by Kimberly Wilson). Simon spoke passionately about her goal of spreading not only awareness of AIDS, but more importantly raising money for the cure.

Santrice Simon and Kimberly Wilson

L-R: Daoud Abeid, Santrice Simon, Rasu Jilani, Aimee Astillaro

Coup D'etat, a Brooklyn based clothing company, was one of the sponsors of the event. The Coup Presidents, Daoud Abeid and Rasu Jilani, attended with their intern Aimee Astillero. The Presidents were dressed in hip-hop couture-fabulous style. Their "Live to change something" company motto was also on the two t-shirts they donated as raffle prizes.

PINK vodka was another New York based company that supported the benefit; they were one of three liquors that participated in the hour long opened bar. PINK vodka is the first premium unflavored vodka to be infused with caffeine and guarana (no more need to pour in the Red Bull). Pink Vodka President, David Mandell and their new CFO, Dan Linde, spoke of their gratitude to be a part of such an important event and then Mandell suggested I try some PINK Vodka. I couldn't refuse; it's not everyday you get to drink free premium vodka. I took my drink with a splash of cranberry; it was definitely flavorless and smooth. Hey, with the caffeine and guarana, you are set to have a roller-coaster of a night.

The raffles were worth every dollar (all two of them):
A dinner for two at Aspen
Lunch for two at Boca Soul
Dinner or cocktails for two at New York's latest fad: B.E.D.
A gift package for two from Coup D'etat
A rock-box from Garbege

A seven piece assorted jewelry set from Ms. DuQuesnay

Tickets for various shows at S.O.B.'s
A gift bag from Toys in Babeland

My eight tickets were not winners, but at two dollars a piece you can't lose when the money benefits the fight against AIDS. It was great to know so many New York companies felt the same way.

DJ Mary Mac

SPY, The Kimberly Group, and AIDS Walk NY TEAM-SIMON SAYS hosted this high energy and well organized event. For more on the Kimberly Group Publicity & Event Planning, visit: You can check out more clothing from Coup D'etat on their website: Pink Vodka has an artistically designed website: To donate or learn how you can get involved to benefit AIDS you can check out:

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