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Puerto Rican Day Parade
June 11, 2006

Photographed by Angelo Rivera

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez 

(See the photos of the 116th Street Fair and check out the FOOD.)

It was time for New York City's biggest party - the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade. Both Puerto Ricans and wanna-be-for-a-day-Puerto-Ricans from all over the United States flocked to New York City to boogey down Fifth Avenue and show the world how to party. New York Cool photographer Angelo Rivera was on hand again this year to record the fun. Enjoy!

(P. S. If you don't think this looks like fun, you may grow up to be crabby.)

And there're off!
Marc Anthony, Jennnifer Lopez, Hillary Clinton, Andre Cuomo etc. etc.

Marc Anthony

Geraldo Rivera


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