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Miss Wendy's Texas Love Advice to
New York's Sexually Challenged

Ask Miss Wendy
L-R: Michael Mazocco, Wendy R. Williams, Armistead Johnson
Photo: Stephen Mosher

Dearest Miss Wendy,

My boyfriend George adores his German Shepherd, which is all fine and good, but our intimate moments can be interrupted by Fido's presence. That cold, wet nose of his (Fido's, not George's) can create quite a jolt at a most inconvenient moment. Now, I've never told George if it's me or the dog because I'm afraid of what he might say. What's a girl to do?


Startled in South Beach

Dear Startled,

I need more information. First, do you like the dog?

Dear Miss Wendy,

Does anyone actually have sex in New Jersey?


Wondering in Paramus

Dear Wondie,

Yes, but it is always ill advised and unprepared. And just like the case with sex in Washington DC, the clothes piled on the floor next to the bed are always the wrong clothes.

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