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New York Cool - Ask Miss Wendy

Ask Miss Wendy -  Miss Wendy's Texas Love Advice to New York's Sexually Challenged

Miss Wendy's Texas Love Advice
Plus Some Occasional Comments on the
State of the Popular Culture

Ask Miss Wendy
L-R: Michael Mazocco, Wendy R. Williams, Armistead Johnson
Photo: Stephen Mosher

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Dear Readers,

Sex seems to be both in the news and in Miss Wendy’s mail box this month.

Dear Miss Wendy,

I just read in the Daily News that transsexuals now have the right to use the bathroom in Grand Central Station. Well, what I meant to say is according to the article they have the right to use the bathroom "consistent with their gender expression.," It seems that a seventy year old she/male, who worked as a telephone technician at Grand Central Station, was arrested for using the women''soom.


Questioning in New Jersey

Dear Quest,

Well, I have a question too. How did this every happen? I use the bathroom in Grand Central Station myself and there are certainly no urinals in the ladies bathroom, only cubicles with doors. And it's New York: Everyone lined up to use the restrooms looks strange and absolutely no one looks at anyone else. Did the transsexual in questions make some kind of Public Service Announcement or did the Transit Police deliberately hassle her by arresting her before she/he could use the bathroom, forcing her to squirm all the way to the precinct? Because otherwise, how would anyone know who or what was who in next stall?

But if I were the God in charge of handing out bathroom keys, I would certainly give a seventy year old she/male the key to the ladies room. For Heavens sake, let her take a leak. After all, she could be your grandmother and/or grandfather.

Dear Miss Wendy,

I know you have heard about the decision by the New Jersey Supreme Court to instruct the legislature to pass legislation to either allow gays to get married or to have a civil union that has all the legal rights of marriage. And then New Jersey's former Governor James McGreevy announced that he would marry/unite with his partner Mark Onnell, assuming that he first finishes divorce proceedings with this present second (female) wife. So what do you think about that?


Trendy in Trenton

Dear Trendy,

Normally I try not to think about New Jersey, but the only question I can see remaining is whether Town and Country will cover the McGreevy/ODonnell ceremony? You know that will be one big blow out (sorry, I could not resist). ( would definitely cover this wedding; it is totally within our editorial standards)

But what I really think is that all weddings should be civil unions with optional religious ceremonies. Then the fight over where gays can be married will be left to the churches, where every opinionated bigot or advocate can participate in the debate and have as much fun as they want, while leaving our legislatures well out of it. It would probably end up like this: no-no-no at the Catholic, Southern Baptist and Mormon churches and yes-yes at the Unitarian Church, Riverside Church, some Methodist Churches (with lots of carrying one about it) etc. etc. You get the idea. Pat Robertson could still pontificate away and the talk shows would still have some fodder, but it would be BORING. Because as many a dedicated pastor or priest will tell you, no one in the United States is really interested in religious controversy. You have to go overseas for that.

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