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Dick Swizzle's Sudden Death Gameshow
Magnetic Fields
97 Atlantic Avenue

Written by Katharine Heller
Photographed by Jay Lajoie
(Opposite photo Dick Swizzle)


Because alcohol isn't fun enough, Brooklyn's own Magnetic Field Bar and Lounge has introduced "Dick Swizzle's Sudden Death Gameshow". If you can picture Jeapordy hosted by your Vegas-obsessed uncle in his wood paneled den, you're on the right track.

This weekly event is different than your local pub quiz, and a lot more show than game. Dick Swizzle (otherwise known as bar owner William Crane), along with friends Perry Combover, Koo Koo the Mindkey and Boom Boom McManwich (Jon Quinn, Lee Greenfield and Lynne Rosenberg respectively), all add to the evening with witty banter and musical interludes. In fact the set is so intricate, complete with a big screen, flashing lights and buzzers, all that is missing is canned
laughter. This is where the bar patrons come into play. With a $5 per person entrance fee and no cost to watch, this neighborhood staple draws huge crowds full of those who dare try their hand at the difficult questions and others who cheer them on.

Perry Combover, Dick Swizzle and Boom Boom McManwich

Randon Contestants

Round one weeds out the best of each four person batch, and those winners are then pitted against each other in the second round until the final champs compete at the prize which is the grand total of the entrance fee. This can range anywhere from $50 to $200.

I like to consider myself a trivia whiz, but when I got up under the bright lights, buzzer in my sweaty hand and beer in the other, I just couldn't stop laughing. Dick Swizzle as the MC keeps an amusing repartee between Koo Koo and Boom Boom, and Perry Combover underscores each question and occasional audience shout outs with improvised music and sound effects. Suffice to say, although I did answer two questions correctly, I didn't make it to round two. It was probably for the best as those who survive for the more competitive rounds are forced to do
a shot before their return.

If you are that person who shows up to trivia nights to win everyone
else's money and gain a sense of self worth, this event is not necessarily the one for you. But if you're like me, I find a little entertainment with your drink never hurt anybody.

Dick Swizzle's Sudden Death Gameshow is every Wednesday night at 8:00



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