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Ask Miss Wendy -  Miss Wendy's Texas Love Advice to New York's Sexually Challenged

Miss Wendy's Texas Love Advice
Plus Some Occasional Comments on the
State of the Popular Culture

Ask Miss Wendy
L-R: Michael Mazocco, Wendy R. Williams, Armistead Johnson
Photo: Stephen Mosher

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Dear Miss Wendy,

I am a big fan of Big Love, the HBO series about a Utah polygamist family.
In one of the scenes, a cult leader is writing to the head of the Republican National Committee to commend the Committee for opposing gay marriage but strongly urging the committee not to use the words "one man and one woman" in their proposed Constitutional Amendment - The Defense of Marriage Act. What is going on?


Nikki Mania

Dear Mania,

Miss Wendy has herself been perplexed by the carryings-on in the Republican party about this gay marriage business (they do seem to talk about it quite a bit) and wonder why when staunch Republican leaders have themselves been married numerous times (Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani three times apiece; Fred Thompson and John McCain twice) they would not support the polygamist position and oppose an amendment that defined marriage as “a union of one man and one woman.” At the very least they need to revise the phrasing of the Defense of Marriage Act to add the words "at any one time” and thus legitimize their own practice of sequential polygamy.

Dear Miss Wendy,

Have you seen those commercials where the nice looking black man takes Cialis so he can “get it on” with his wife of thirty years (who has obviously been working as a model the entire time) only to have unexpected visitors arrive? He then graciously entertains this "company", knowing that he is good-to-go-for-up-to-twenty-four-hours and "when the time is right, he will be...."


Unintended Interruption

Dear Interruption,

I find those commercials higly annoying, especially the part where after their unexpected visitors leave and before they actually have sex, THEY GET INTO ANTIQUE BATH TUBS IN THE MIDDLE OF A FIELD. Those bathtubs don’t look sexy to me, they look cold. And if any woman can be talked into having sex after putting up with unwanted company all afternoon long and then freezing to death in an unheated tub in the middle of a field, that Cialis must be one powerful drug and that good looking black man must be one silver-tongued devil.

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