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Lava Gina is Lava Hot

Written by William S. Gooch
Opposite Photo Credit:
Ramon Estavanell

Serendipity: An aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

Two years ago, a friend and I attended a dance performance at The Joyce Theatre, and later after having a great meal at a Caribbean soul food restaurant, we wanted to continue getting our drink and groove on at a funky bar or lounge of some sort. After walking up and down the streets of Manhattan for some time, we happened upon Lava Gina. Now I can’t say for sure if I have a certain skill for stumbling upon cool nightspots, but that particular steamy Saturday night, Lava Gina was the find of the summer.

Located at 116 Avenue C (between 7th and 8th Streets), Lava Gina is a sexycool, world music lounge that is a great place to start your swirl before hitting your late night main event, or a great place to cool your heels at the end of the evening. With live music— most nights— ranging from Reggae Afro Fusion and Iranian House to Bossa Nova, Lava Gina attracts a diverse crowd of urban uptown divas and ‘Alphabet City’ locals. And the libations are good for the soul and the pocketbook. The average cocktail is about $9.

Speaking of cocktails, Lava Gina’s signature cocktail, Lava Gina (exotic cosmopolitan), gives a nice sweet buzz, but doesn’t overwhelm your senses. My personal favorite is the spicy Lavapolitan. And for those who want a tasty morsel before tripping the light fantastic, between 6pm and 11pm, Lava Gina serves tapas, stuffed calamari, delicious quail and tasty summer rolls, all at affordable prices.

On a recent Saturday night at Lava Gina, a friend (Francesca S.) and I chilled to the pulsating sounds of world music specialist DJ Funmi, while guzzling down Lavatinis and Razzle Dazzles. The brotha can sure spin some garage and classic house!! And that Prince mix was tight, too.

Although we were perhaps the most senior couple in the place, we felt right at home with the classic jams taking us back to our days at the Paradise Garage and The World. And if you are wondering if the name Lava Gina has erotic overtones, come check out the place—especially the wall art—for yourself. Hmm, maybe serendipity did play a role in this.

For more information about Lava Gina and it’s schedule of live music, check out the website


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