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Cindy Ord's
Mobile Series of Photographs

Photographed by Cindy Ord

Photographer Cindy Ord has a passion for trailers that led her to take these moody evocative photos.

Here is the artist’s in her own words describing why she took these photos and what they meant to her:

“Mobile? Not really….

Discretely concealed below their aluminum facade lies a foundation consisting of wheels, an axle, and a trailer hitch…. However, they are hardly “mobile”. Often strapped to the ground, as if they are held there against their will and seemingly trapped among the like until they eventually deteriorate and crumble.

Interestingly, the same metaphor can often be used to describe their inhabitants…. Stereotypically, lower income, transients, or retirees.

There is a profound sense of loneliness here….

Throughout my life, I have always had an overwhelming attraction to these “mobile” dwellings. Having grown up next door to a trailer park, they became a constant for me and in capturing them today, I find comfort in their familiarity.

I am interested in sharing these images with others and hopefully provoking some thought as to the history behind them or the secrets that they hold.

Although documenting them has been quite precarious at times (often involving trespassing, scaling walls, and trying to avoid being shot by the locals) – it has been an interesting anthropological study, which I hope to continue for years to come.”


Cindy Ord's Bio:

The artistic style of Cindy Ord is a direct reflection of Florida, the state in which she was born and raised. Images depict small town life and the people who inhabit it. The obscure, the strange, and the delightfully mundane are often the primary subjects in her work....

As a young artist Cindy left Florida behind to pursue her passion in New York. Studying under some of the great masters she developed her vision and spent many years capturing life in the city.

However, over the years, it became clear that her most honest work was being imagined and created on visits back to her home state of Florida.

In 2005 Cindy returned to Florida where she resides today with her husband Andy, dog Piper, and cat Chicken. Her work has been exhibited all over the world and is in many notable private collections. She continues to shoot small town life and loves every obscure, strange, and delightfully mundane minute of it!


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