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Autovaughn and Paper Route
Canal Room
285 W. Broadway
November 8, 2007

Written and Photographed
by Amy Davidson

Opposite Photo: Autovaughn


The Canal Room (285 W. B’way NYC) is quickly becoming synonymous with exceptional new music. Canal Room hosts styles that range from Latin to Indie and everything in between. The one thing that remains constant is the caliber of acts passing through its doors.

Wednesday November 8, Canal Room Featured “Bands you should know” Autovaughn and Paper Route are both Nashville based bands. Forget everything you think you know about bands from the south.

Autovaughn got the night off to a perfect start. Live, their sound is reminiscent of a younger Coldplay with tinges of Floyd and punk all wildly intertwined. In stark contrast, their 2006 CD, “Space” feels safe, polished and more reminiscent of Franz Ferdinand and the killers. This bands strength lies in their unrelenting live performance. Frontman, Darren Potuck’s voice is unyielding and commands notice as soon as he opens his mouth. Perhaps one of the most notable aspects of Autovaughn’s set was lead guitarist, Stephen Wilson’s extraordinary fret work. He plays swiftly and meticulously.


Autovaughn Autovaughn

*Autovaughn is currently in the studio working on a new album underwritten by Epic.

Paper Route

Paper Route conceived by a group of friends and former band mates under a loft bed in a Nashville apartment using their insomnia and laptop. It is evident that they are influenced by The Postal Service and Bjork with their moody ballads and beautiful harmonies. But Paper Route has a way of finding a balance of 80’s synth pop like those perfected by Yaz and modern electronic music. This, in tandem with live instruments, results in an intense musical experience.

Paper Route

Paper Route



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