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The LOVE Moment:
Q-Tip and Rich Medina Heat It Up In The Cave of LOVE
179 Macdougal Street
December 6, 2007

Written and Photographed by Mindy Hyman

Standing on line in twenty-five degree weather on a Thursday night in December was well worth the resulting numbing fingers once I descended down a steep flight of stairs into the warm, cozy cave of Love. Rich Medina and Q-tip spun drum-heavy, afro-beat and old school funk and hip-hop for the monthly Party Favors party at LOVE on December 6th in the Village.

Erika Badu and Q Tip

The layout and architecture of the venue defined the theme of love. The psychedelic, fluorescent pictures on the walls made for a colorful, bright atmosphere while the fluffy, “trippy”, monster-like pillows and furniture were perfect for cuddling (or for those enjoying substance enhanced comfort). The main bar area was surrounded by walls shaped like a cave, which created a creepy-but-cozy feel - reminiscent of a rollercoaster ride at Disneyland.

The scene of the club at this underground-railroad-of-musical-fun was a multi-cultural, urban and hip vibe. The deejays created a fresh and exhilarating night. The club was packed with smiling faces, getting down on the dance floor. And who could blame them? How often do you get to see one of the most famous hip hop emcees (Q-Tip) spinning old school beats and then pouring shots of Patron into the mouths of thirsty party-goers in the crowd? To top it all off, Erika Badu made a guest appearance to promote her new album during the wee hours of the night. This is why New York is so cool.


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