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Scion and Sybarite
Reliving Voluptuous Living
Spotlight Live
1604 Broadway
November 28, 2007

Written by Mindy Hyman


Scion and Sybarite put on a booty-shakin’ hip hopster makin’, b-boy breakin’ fundraiser to benefit the Syberite Productions Artist Development Center at Spotlight Live on November 28th. “Reliving Voluptous Living” was an impressive dance show. The body heat in the building produced an electric energy and the dancers kept the crowd smiling. The lounge was split into two levels which created a great view for the audience on the second level with the first level become a space for pure entertainment. The top level of Spotlight was a semi-circle excellent for viewing the show and feeling VIP. The two deejay booths emanated hypnotic beats and the young, multi-cultural crowd never stopped bouncing.

The overall feel of the night was a hip, New York dance scene. The crowd sent love and support to the dancers on stage during the performance part of the evening and later took over on the dance floor. These kids were “pop-locking” like they were in the latest version of Fame.

The six groups of dancers were fashionably outfitted by Brooklyn Industries, Mecca, Brooklyn Xpress and Scion Release and they created a flashy show of zealous energy and sex appeal. The dance moves were of a robotic, hypnotic, “zombie-licious,” lollipop-smacking sort. One of the pieces was inspired by African dance while the others represented NYC street culture. The theme of the choreography played with notions of the Manhattan business world, the NY metro system and what it means to finally “arrive” in New York City. The dance company, The Movement, informed the audience that “Hip hop culture and dance in New York is a reflection of the city-hardcore. Sometimes ya gotta throw up the middle finger in order to say, ‘Yo, I’m here.”

The emcees kept the mood “hype” and the DJ produced head-bopping, crunchy beats. A spoken-word performer, Oveous Maximus, performed during the dance show. His words were inspiring and fit the mood of the show; “Take the E out of ego, and just Go”. In all, the party was exciting and flavorful. Scion and Sybarite shook it up loud and clear and inspired this reporter: “The party made for a tight, bright and lively night just doin’ things right.”

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