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Looking Fab for Fashion Week

Written by Angelique Velez
Photo from October 2006
Backstage at Kai Kuhne
By Jose S. Vibar

Fashion week has set upon us and even though it is the dead of winter the top makeup picks for the season are hardly frigid- think BOLD, bright and beautiful! From the eyes down to the lips these looks are enticingly HOT! To really stand out in the tents and at parties make sure to add these tips to your makeup preparation:

#1-Metallic Eye Shadows
Think Ben Stiller in Zoolander, okay well maybe not that shiny, but close to it! This winter’s look brings about metallic eye shadows with soft, close to nude lips. Go dark on the eyes with colors like navy, purple, brown or green. Instead of putting a heavy highlight under the brow bone, try using a soft vanilla or eggshell colored shade. Having too much shimmer will over power the eye area. The look is bold not flashy.

#2-Matte yet Sheer Foundation
I am talking about foundations that will feel light on your skin, yet give you a nice matte and finished look. High intensity gloss is not the goal this winter; skin should look soft and supple. Foundation should also feel natural (you shouldn’t be able to notice that you even have any on) so if you are walking around feeling as if you have a second layer of skin rising off your face, it is time to seek out a new foundation. Word to the wise, have a makeup consultant match the correct color for you, when we try products on ourselves it’s hard to really see the full affect of the makeup, having a second or even a third pair of eyes will help you in the process.

#3-Colored Mascaras
They’re back! Have fun this winter with your mascara. No matter the color of your eyes, there is mascara out there for you besides the basic black. From green to blue to white adding color to your lashes gives your face a brighter appeal. For those of you who may be hesitant, apply the colored mascara only to the tips of your lashes after you’ve applied your staple black mascara. Adding the color to the tips will give you a subtle hint of color but will still help bring out your eyes and outshine everyone else’s!

#4-Red to Rosy Pink Lipstick
We can’t deny that the current trend is red lips; we see it everywhere from the corner store to the red carpet. Red lips aren’t just for the stars, but for the everyday woman. The look continues this winter, but now includes reds with a hint of pink. This type of reddish/pink lip gives more of a subtle look and can be worn everyday with a touch of blush and mascara. It is not as startling as the normal red lip and many of you who were scared to wear the red might be more inclined to try the reddish/pink. Caution: no matter what red you chose remember to line the lip area, red has a tendency to bleed and if you want a polished look opt for that liner!

So have fun with your makeup during fashion week. Don’t be scared to try some or all of these trends and no matter what you choose remember the prettiest you will shine from the inside out, you must feel good in order to look your best!



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