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“Secrets of the Model Dorm”
Tribeca Grand
January 18, 2007

Written by Julia Sirmons
Photographed by Al McCotter

Yona Deshommes, Amanda Kerlin and Philip Oh

A motley crew of freaks, geeks and the fabulously chic rubbed elbows at the Sanctum of the Tribeca Grand on January 18th to celebrate the launch of “Secrets of the Model Dorm,” published by Atria.

A kind of "Devil Wears Prada" for the Top Model set, “Model Dorm,” co-authored by Amanda Kerlin (a former model who has graced the pages of Elle and walked for John Galliano) and Phil Oh, tells the story of an aspiring young catwalker who begins to question her career path when she lands in an apartment full of stiletto-wielding bitches conniving enough to make Naomi Campbell blush.

Amanda Kerlin and Friend

But as the divine Ms. Campbell can attest, there's no such thing as bad publicity, and so a gaggle of seriously well-heeled fashionistas gathered to celebrate the canonization of the glamour, the gowns, and, above all, the drama that keeps the fashion world spinning on its axis.

At first, the meeting of the glitterati and the literati seemed like an awkward blind date. Ms. Kerlin and a pack of young glamazons swathed in satiny pencil skirts and gossamer blouses glided across the floor, while bookish editorial types huddled together and nursed their cocktails. Scruffy literary hipsters talked shop while downtown kids in sequined sweatshirts and long wooly scarves huddled near the turntables. A striking woman in a belted trenchcoat and black fur hat
navigating her way to the bar was observed with admiration by two men in blue suits – friends of Mr. Oh – who were embarking on a tentative discussion on the finer points of bikini modeling.

Amanda Kerlin and Philip Oh

But soon, the publishing and fashion crowds came together over their mutual love of a good party, aided by complimentary Svedka vodka cocktails and Palmes d'Or Champagne. The musical stylings of DJ Prince Language and James Friedman soon proved too tempting to resist, and bookworms and models alike started to get their groove on, booty shaking in perfect harmony. By the end of the night, when the hotel staff had to shut down the bar in an effort to get people to go home, this eclectic and effervescent crowd had officially put the hard-partying ways of jet-setting supermodels to shame.

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