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Party for The Yard
Reno's Tribeca Loft
February 1, 2007

Written by Wendy R. Williams
Photographed by Mary Blanco

(Opposite Photo: Patricia N. Nanon)

Downtown performance artist Reno hosted a party on February 1st to honor Patricia N. Nanon, choreographer and founder of The Yard, a performance art community in Chilmark, Massachusetts (Martha's Vineyard). Ms. Nanon was gifting the organization with the lands on which it operates, a gift worth more than two million dollars according to the press release. As Sarah Hughes, the president of the Board of Trustees said, this gift will enable The Yard to continue to give the "gift of dance."

The room was filled with dancers and choreographers, easily identified by their elongated necks and ability to stand in modified first position and also by their love for Ms. Nanon and The Yard. And it was a wonderful room, Reno has a huge book-filled loft in Tribeca which easily accommodated the approximately fifty guests, many of whom I am sure were as overcome with loft envy as I was.

Reno, the evening's hostess, regaled the audience with tales of her love of Martha’s Vineyard, dance and dancers. She said that many of her girlfriends have been dancers or choreographers so she has always been a lover of the dance.

After the ceremony, we caught up with Reno and her dog Edith Ann. She (Reno, not Edith Ann) showed us the wall in her office where she has clippings from her life, including marvelous photos of the recently deceased Texas Governor Ann Richards. Another Texan friend of Reno's and a writer admired by many (including me), Molly Ivins, had died the day before and Reno found out about Ivin's death while she was speaking to the group. Both Ivins and Richards are sorely missed stars from the Constellation of Uppity Women with Something to Say! .

Reno and Edith Ann (the pooch)
(Scroll down for more about Edith Ann)

Bill Dyszel
BalletAmbassadors.org &
Book Author - "For Dummies" Series
Sondra Forsyth
Martin Lofsnes and Jonathan Marder Staci Smith

Edith Ann

When we saw the photos (after the party and before we put up this article), we immediately realized that we did not have any information on one of the evening's celebrities, Reno's pouch Edith Ann. So we quickly emailed Jonathan Marder of General Strategic Marketing. Jonathan immediately realized the urgency of the situation and got in touch with Reno who replied:

"Edith is mostly poodle, got her through Petfinder.com at Flora’s Pet Project (Marianne Smith in Naugatuck, Ct) on July 19th 2004. Some fool who didn’t know that a female dog in heat got pregnant if not watched had dropped of 4 2 day old pups from her straight ahead poodle and Marianne bottle fed them to health. Edith Ann was 3 oz. The suspicion is that the cockapoo on the block was the father, but no one knows for sure. Edith’s brothers are twice her size, black and have that great wiry poodle hair. Her sister didn’t survive. I adopted Edith when she was 9 weeks old, as soon as Marianne allowed, and after they were neutered.'
My friend James who came with me said I should name her after Lily [Tomlin].

There’s a little movie I made for the North Shore Animal League’s “DogCatemy Awards” where it won ‘Best Dogumentary’ this December. You can see it on the first page of my website, citizenreno.com."

For more information about The Yard, log onto:http://www.dancetheyard.org/


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