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John Varvatos
7 World Trade Center, 45th Floor
February 5th, 2007

Written by Bob Bland
Photographed by Evens Lamour

Experiencing the John Varvatos Fall 2007 fashion show evoked a heady feeling, partially because guests were escorted 45 stories above ground level before being offered a variety of fine Corzo tequilas up or on the rocks. The collection was shown in a glass-enclosed pantheon to over 1,000 of the most stylish people in NYC. The showroom faces Midtown, providing a panoramic view of the Empire State Building and the sparkling Manhattan skyline.

For Fall 2007, Varvatos mapped out a "...return to elegance, not in an obvious suit & tie sense, but with a dignified composition of elements that is at once old world and undeniably modern.” Conveying a sort of "Dustbowl Chic", layered brown tones sifted with burgundy and sage green to portray an elegant man who happens to be down on his luck. The nostalgia evoked by worn fedoras and battered leather outerwear contrasted elegantly with lush wool and shearling in contemporary silhouettes. Standout looks included weathered three piece suits, casually draped cashmere scarves, greatcoats in hefty wool and velvet, and plaid woven shirts paired with classic bow ties.

As if forty solid menswear looks weren’t enough to leave his audience impressed, John Varvatos continued the presentation with his Star U.S.A. collection, described as “prepster meets punk”. This collection was decidedly younger and edgier- a blend of “Rebel Without a Cause” and The Ramones. Skinny ties and playful scarves, funky plaid leather cadet caps, studded belts and motorcycle boots accompanied heavily layered looks. Key pieces included black unwashed denim, cuffed shirts in ombre checks, zip-front cardigans and slick nylon windbreakers.

John Varvatos’ menswear experience at Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein shows every season; he is a prolific and profitable designer who consistently provides guys with effortless style that doesn’t scream trendy.


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