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Atil Kutoglu
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
The Tents at Bryant Park
February 3, 2007

Written by Bob Bland
Photographed by Mary Blanco

The theme of Turkish designer Atil Kutoglu's Fall 2007 collection was "Turquality," a melange of the words "quality", "turquoise", and "tranquility". As we sat awash in azure lights preceding the show, the question remained, would Atil bring a tropical feel to the fall blues?

Launched in 1992 and now popular among European royalty, Atil Kutoglu’s line went distinctly downtown this season for a city girl feel. Kutoglu traded in the soft, glistening pastel look of his Spring collection in for hard edges and stark colors. There were three capsules within the collection:

Polished ‘80’s: The show began with eye-catching polished leather trench coats, pencil skirts and zip-up jackets in an edgy electric blue and black color combination. Decorative black and white wool jacquard bottoms and dresses were paired with black wool and leather tops for a pretty, yet chic effect.

Orientalism ala Poiret: For fans of Kutoglu, his burnout silk velvet dresses must have made a familiar statement. His geometric patterns were reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright, but his color palette of mauve, chocolate, citron and sapphire was distinctly inspired by 1920’s designer Paul Poiret. The blending of rich contrasting colors was showcased on draped caftans and mini dresses alike.

Elevated Metallics: Whether in Ottoman brocade, pleated crepe or lusterous jersey, Atil Kutoglu’s metallic styles shined. Aside from one brocade top that looked like it had been ripped off Marlon Brando on the set of Superman I, the goddess dresses and sculptural coats were luminous. Eschewing the 24k golds and silver lames preferred by other designers, Kutoglu with white silver, pewter and platinum/gold blends.

Overall, Atil Kutoglu showed a vision of Fall 2007 with something for every woman. Though his customers might not find complete outfits to their liking, they are sure to take a shine to his winning separates and memorable dresses.


For more on Atil Kutoglu, go to www.atilkutoglu.com.

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