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The Showroom @ Bryant Park
February 3rd, 2007

Written by Bob Bland
Photographed by Mary Blanco

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Judging from the cheek and wit of his signature menswear collection, Andrew Buckler must be the life of every VIP party. His Fall 2007 presentation, Close Encounters, was “… inspired by anatomical illustrations and a clean, refined look”, but the 10 foot tall alien poking its head out from backstage during the show indicates that Buckler’s influences are a little more flippant than the average men’s sportswear line.The runway was lit from above with black light, and a soundtrack of comical astronaut transmissions emanated from "walkie-talkies" lining the walls. Bright spot lights rigged with colored gels, as well as panels of LEDs at the front of room, transformed the usually straightforward runway into a spectacle.

Most of Buckler’s lean, layered looks could have easily come from Diesel or Morphine Generation, but the debut of Sexy Bastard, Buckler’s innerwear line, was a fashion week highlight. International burlesque and opera star Meow Meow performed a singing striptease, with the help of scantily-clad underwear models. One fellow even donned a top hat and subversive bustier.

After the unexpected mid-show interlude, Buckler came back strong. Coordinated leopard print sweaters and twill trousers paired well with black leather moto jackets. Dull orange, sky blue and washed-out lavender were fresh color choices in a Fall men’s line. Other standouts from the show were glass helmets and accessories by Molly Jackson, and metallic leather pants. .


For more on Andrew Buckler and his signature line, go to andrewbuckler.com.

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