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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
The Tents at Bryant Park
February 6, 2007

Written by Wendy R. Williams Photographed by Evens Lamour


This year’s Heatherette Show was an absolute riot. The show was repped by Kelly Cutrone’s hip PR firm, the People’s Revolution, and they totally exceeded my expectations.

First they printed up and mailed out at least three hundred more invitations than there was capacity for in the tent. (The invitations were beautifully designed from photographs taken by New York Cool favorite, Bradford Noble www.noblephoto.com.)

Now, to give you an idea of just how truly revolutionary the over-inviting was: Other PR companies (such as LaForce Stevens, Brower Lewis PR, Harrison and Shriftman, etc.), do things the old fashioned way; they count the seats in the tent and add a dollop of standees to fill the no-show seats. So if one of these old fashioned PR companies invite someone to one of their shows and the person accepts, that person is guaranteed at least standing room in the tent. And conversely, if they don’t have room for someone, they simply send an email saying, “Sorry, but we are unable to accommodate you this year.”

But not Ms.Cutrone and her totally cool revolutionaries. This gang knows how to put on a show.

So there I was at the head of a group of what appeared to be three hundred hopefuls, all queued up with our RSVP’d invitations in hand. And we stood and stood (from 8PM – 9:45PM to be exact) as the tuxedoed guards (are they moonlighting Sing Sing guards or extras from The Sopranos?) pushed us closer and closer together (oh the smell and feel of all those bodies crammed about five-to-a-phone-booth deep) while they yelled things like, “Move back, Stay within the ropes or I’ll throw you out of the tent.” And when one poor soul timidly offered, “This really is intolerable,” the guard got spit-close into his face and screamed, “You don’t like it, GO HOME, GO HOME.” Oh, be still my pounding heart! Normally you have to attend the final bra sale at Loehmann’s or join a Long Island City S & M club to have such an experience. (You actually might have to pay extra at the Long Island City S & M club to get what we got for free.)

And here is the truly astonishing part: None of us got in. Of all the three hundred or so invitees who stood in the corral with invitations in hand, not one of us got into the show. You see, unbeknownst to us, there was another class of invitation – those with an enclosed green card. And if you did not have a green card, you simply did not get in. It was brilliant! There we were: A Greek chorus of Heatherette fans straining against the ropes, and no one had to call Central Casting or for that matter pay us.

It was the thrill of a lifetime! And I am proud to say that my name is Wendy R.Williams and I was dissed by the People’s Revolution at the Heatherette Show. Now you may be asking, will New York Cool ever accept such an invitation again and the answer is, “Of course we will, we are fashion sluts.” I sincerely hope Ms. Cutrone doesn't take this article the wrong way. I am truly in awe of her; she is a masterful Dom!

But if we are ever invited again, I will pass this honor on to one of our interns. We keep them pretty busy and they normally don’t have time to do fun New York things like queuing up to get into Crobar on Friday night or standing in line for a sneak preview of the latest Lindsay Lohan movie.

So here are Evens Lamour’s photos of the Heatherette show (they let him in and I don't think they even spanked him)! Enjoy!


For more information about Heatherette, log onto www.heatherette.com..And for more information on Kelly Cutrone and her People's Revolution, log onto...... But wait: Why would you want to do that when you can watch RAW from the comfort of your own home?

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