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Jordi Scott
Arena - 135 W. 42nd Street
February 2, 2007

Written by Janet Perisa
Photographed by Krisztina Fazekas

She'll Make You Infamous

The 80's were back with a vengeance at the Jordi Scott’s fashion show. If the modest hues and hemlines expected to flood department stores next fall were made in compliance with some specific rules and guidelines, this daring diva broke each and every one of the "rules." Printed dresses and tops were made in the piercing shades of the punk rock era. And they were cut super short, especially when compared to the almost matronly length skirts that have been sweeping the runways this past week. Shredded spandex pants were the staple of choice for Scott’s Fall ’07 Collection, a line that also featured denim, vinyl and gold lame. This is a line that will appeal to a crowd less inhibited by trends and more in tune with individual style. So if the late punk heroine Wendy O’ Williams is your style icon (no relation to New York Cool's sedate editor, Wendy R. Williams), log onto: www.jordiscott.com

Jordi Scott

For more information on Jordi Scott, log onto: www.jordiscott.com

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