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Kai Kuhne
February 8, 2007
National Arts Club
15 Gramercy Park South

Written by Cator Sparks
Photographed by
Katherin Wermke


Note to self Kai: Hire a fashion show production firm!

Clearly the worst show of the week, starting well over an hour late prompting many guests to flee to bigger and better events, the end result was a true embarrassment. His shows in the past have been beautiful, on time and well run; clearly he needs to make amends with Kelly Cutrone (Editorial note: Kelly Cutrone has one friend at www.newyorkcool.com) and work with her again.

Apparently the show began when two young girls marched into the room wearing sarongs that were so wrong they resembled curtains pulled from a Golden Girls boudoir. What proceeded was a spastic collection ranging from silver sheaths under pounds of Saga fur, pink leopard dressed and what seemed to be an old As Four rejected ball gown. The models didn’t know where to go and were bumping into each other. One came out in a swan-like feathery chubby and as if the audience could not guess her resemblance to a bird, she flapped her arms to imitate taking flight; clearly she had the avian flu. To top it all off, Kai sauntered through the parlor of the National Arts Club sporting a laurel wreath perched on his head, clearly proclaiming himself the King of Kook.

Lets look on the bright side, the only place to go from here is up!

Kai Kuhne and Admirer

Backstage at Kai Kuhne
Backstage at Kai Kuhne

For more information on Kai Kuhne, log onto: http://www.kaikuhne.com/showroom-show#null


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