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Kai Milla
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
The Tents at Bryant Park
February 5, 2007

Written by Anusha Alikhan
Photographed by
Krisztina Fazekas

Milla's Forest

When Kai Milla was concocting her Fall 2007 line she must have been perched on a mountain top overlooking a vast forest—a forest, which was basking in all its glory within the thick of autumn. And from that forest, she took deep browns and rusty oranges, a hint of lingering green, the silver sky, and the gray fog whisking within it.

She must have been overlooking a forest.

Because the essence of that forest walked the runway on February 5th, and it was still magnificent. The block printed jacket, the chic two-piece suit, the milk chocolate coat oozed with the skill of their maker. Paling only in comparison to the evening gowns for which Milla used sophisticated black silks, and flowing lines of warm color to create options that were classicly romantic or contemporary mod.

Although Milla has been designing clothes since she was thirteen, it was only her third time at New York’s Fall Fashion Week. Sitting in the front row to support her was her husband Stevie Wonder, and a host of applauding fans, who cannot wait for autumn.



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