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Viva Venexiana
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
The Tents at Bryant Park
February 3, 2007

Written by Janet Perisa
Photographed by Krisztina Fazekas

What does it mean to be fashion forward? Is it having a closet avalanching with today’s trends (a.k.a. next weeks big consignment drop-offs) or is fashion forward defined as wearing clothing that not only compliments a wearer’s figure but that are also relevant to their personality? A designer’s work is not easy and these are the choices they must make during their design process. Accordingly, some cater to the masses by adhering to industry trends but others bend the rules to maintain the integrity of their vision.

One never knows what to expect at a Venexiana show. Whether she’s slightly tweaking a color palette or modifying a cut, since her Fashion Week debut in 2004, Venexiana designer Kati Stern has been showing style stiffs that fashion shouldn’t solely rely on the latest Faith Popcorn report.

Surprisingly, a lot of what was presented at the Venexiana Fall ’07 fashion show ran parallel with what we’ve been seeing on the runway since the week-long gala began: muted hues, straight silhouettes, and longer hemlines. But despite the compromise, this latest line still brings forth the creator’s sense of drama and energy.

Although Stern claims to be inspired by colors and the feel of fabrics and not by particular people or eras, girly-glam took center stage in Bryant Park’s Salon at 9 p.m. on February 3rd. Ecru plaid dresses were updated with superimposed abstract floral prints and velvet necklines. While velvet was used more as an accent than a wardrobe piece, a few or the pieces (such as the lush velvet teal top with puffed sleeves), are great transitional items that can be played down with denim or dressed up with a silk skirt. Snuggly wool sweaters and silk dresses and skirts took on the season’s minimal hues but were cut both long and biased. Last but not least, Venexiana’s latest coat collection is nothing less than fabulous. A black fur-lined shearling coat with trenched pockets was particularly eye catching. The coat was topped of with a furry top hat, which is indicative of Stern’s youthfulness and witty sense of humor.

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