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Malan Breton
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Arena
February 9, 2007

Written by Wendy R. Williams
Photographed by Krisztina Fazekas

(Opposite photo: Model Marlinda, the winner of Project Runway's Season Three Model Contest)

Welcome to Hollywood

Malan Breton (the Project Runway contestant with the huge head of sculpted black hair and the manic laugh) held his second Fashion Week show on a cold Friday morning (9AM!) at the nightclub Arena, just across the street from the Tents at Bryant Park. But it was warm inside; the room was filled with Malan fans (see Tent People for February 9th). Project Runway's Tim Gunn, Angela Keslar and Diana Eng had turned out to support their friend Malan. And I even met a very charming Goil from Bravo's Top Design.

The first model out the gate was America's Next Top Model runner-up Melrose. Also walking for Malan was Marlinda, the winner of Project Runway's Season Three Model Contest and Malan's muse Bronwen, the model in the navy blue evening gown.

The clothes were spectacular; they channeled the spirit of Barbara Stanwyck, Carole Lombard and a young Elizabeth Taylor. The dressing gown would be the perfect thing to wear while dressing in a 1950's era Joan Crawford memorial bathroom. The line was glamorous, but cut with a simple clean style that makes it relevant for today. And the feather capes and jackets - Wow! How fun would it be to fly into an art opening adorned in Malan's feathers? You would be announcing, "I'm cool and I'm here to stay," which is exactly what Malan did with his show.



Malan Breton


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