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New York Couture Show
The Grand
February 8, 2007

Written by Katharine Heller
Photographed by Jeff Gottlieb



The Punk Rock Princess

At New York Couture's official fashion week party, I ran into everyone from flamboyant FIT students, two aspiring actresses fresh from reality TV, three stylish Brits, and one girl from Colorado named Echo who does not know who Barack Obama is.

Yes, the eclectic couture culture was alive and well last Thursday at the Grand in Manhattan. As my photographer and I were ushered in from the stinging cold and into the land of gift bags and open bars, I expected the event to exude every fashion week stereotype; a Gatsby-esque den of debauchery where people are burning the candle at both ends so as to cook their heroin. Not so much here at the New York Couture show. I was glad to see that in our A to D list culture, the
crowd was pleasantly diverse and the mood infectiously fun.

But let's talk fashion. 23 year old Cassie Kogler (yes, you read that right) is both the creator and sole designer of New York Couture. When asked about how she started it all, Kogler modestly explains that people have always just loved the clothes she made for herself. Upon seeing a demand for her personal style at her job in a Halston showroom, Kogler took the next logical step and started her own line.

I believe it is that exciting young energy that inspired the pieces for this show. With a balanced mix of punk rock and princess, it's hard for any gal not to find something they like in this collection. You could easily wear her skirts and tops to a lunch in SoHo and switch to her boisterous dresses for a party in Brooklyn. And much like the contrasting crowd that the show attracted, the pieces were
all refreshingly real with a twist of dizzy fun. Alas, I had to leave before the band The Loconuts took the stage, but from what I hear they kept the party going well into the night.

I will again give kudos to Cassie Kogler for putting together such a well organized event. You will definitely be hearing more about this trend setting talent.

And for the record, all three of the British men know who Obama is.

Photos From the Show:

Photos from the Party:

Esther Nash of Single in the Hamptons
Echo from Colorado
Who Does Not Know Who Obama Is
Random Hot Person #1 Random Hot Person #2

Three Stylish Brits Who Know Who Obama Is

For more information or to view Kogler's line, go to NewYorkCouture.net


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