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Toni Maticevski
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
The Tents at Bryant Park
February 3, 2007

Written by Anusha Alikhan
Photographed by Mary Blanco


Toni Maticevski – Balancing on Extremes

Some people could accuse Toni Maticevski of having a split-personality. His Fall 2007 line balances on both sides of extreme. For Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Bryant Park, Maticevski’s models entered wearing black and grey combinations in neuvo-classic cuts fit for a boardroom or even an elegant cocktail party. But swooping in on the heels of wool skirts, and crisp midnight blazers, were lavender, yellow, peach puffy jackets—skirting the ground, burying lean ladies in layers of punchy warmth. It was something like watching a M. Knight Shyamalan movie where nothing is as it seems.

The series of suits that the Australian designer showcased were carefully crafted employing sharp angles, and form-fitting fabrics that exuded power. Evening wear options incorporated high necks and long lengths with squared sleeves and patchwork fabrics, or high-hems, sheer embossed muslin, and full sleeves.
While much of the line was undeniably striking, the use of primarily black, grey and an occasional white fabric coupled with the angled designs bordered on severe. On the other hand, Maticevski signature down jackets completely eluded the consistently sober theme. They made attractive moon suits but whether even a spindly model could fit through an average size doorway dressed in one of them, is debatable.



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