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24 Hours With Theo Kogan

Written by Kristina Weise
Photographed by Krisztina Fazekas and Linus Gelber

(Opposite and Cover Photos
Linus Gelber)

I begin my conversation with one of New York City’s most recognizable female lead singers, Theo Kogan, at The V-Spot, a quaint and quiet vegan café in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I find Theo sitting at a table alone, reading. I stand admiring her sleeves - not to her dress - but her tattoos. Theo has just returned from LA, just in time for a photo shoot with Velvet, an Italian magazine that plans to feature her band, “Theo & The Skyscrapers” in an upcoming issue.

Photo - Krisztina Fazekas

It has been a busy and impressive month for Theo. Artist Rob Roth’s "Screen Test" just ended at PS122 in the East Village. It garnered rave reviews and Theo stole the show. The music played in the art and video installation was written by Theo and her band mates and it played an intricate role in Roth’s post-apocalyptic presentation.

Recently, Theo flew out to LA to work out the logistics for her upcoming
makeup line, Armour, with her friend and partner, Allison Burns. The dynamic duo will be launching their first line of lip-glosses later this year. When Theo is not jet setting to the left coast, you can find her on Saturday nights at the party she founded with Michael T. entitled, “Rated X.” On weekdays, she spins at ‘Funny Cry Happy’ at Beauty Bar on Tuesday nights and ‘Tilt’ at Lit on the last Thursday of every month. If you attend any of these soirées you will find Theo holding court, whipping the dance floor into a universal intoxication faster than the cocktails served.

Photo - Krisztina Fazekas

“The best part about New York City nightlife is some of the people I encounter. I love drag queens, trannies and cross dressers and any kid who makes an effort in their ‘look.’ I respect those that take fashion risks and people with good attitudes.” I quickly followed by asking her about the worst aspects of New York City. “The city is coming down too hard on nightlife. I couldn’t believe it when CBGB closed. I hate getting IDs scanned at clubs now or getting my bag searched. Most of all, I am not a fan of people who feel they are entitled to everything for nothing.”

When asked how she keeps this momentous speed, Theo states proudly, “I am an original slice of Brooklyn, born and raised.” So perhaps that explains it. While the rest of us are moving here and getting adjusted to the pace, Theo is setting it.

Yet this dynamic femme fatale is remarkably grounded and refreshingly passionate about women, gay, human and animal rights. Although she thrives in the midnight madness of Manhattan, Theo keeps her finger on the pulse of the political front.

Photo - Linus Gelber

Photo - Krisztina Fazekas

Strolling through Brooklyn we stop by her favorite hair salon ‘Medusa,’ but she attributes her platinum blonde hair to specialist, Shannon Forman, at Arrojo Studio in New York City. Further down 5th Avenue we decide to indulge in one of the best pedicures I have ever received at D’Mai where she reveals that to unwind she enjoys acupuncture, reading, massages, movies, listening to NIN remixes and sleep (although she is constantly eluding it). One of Theo’s favorite coffee and tea restaurants is The Roebling Tea Room in Williamsburg, owned by her former band-mate from her days with the Lunachicks, Sydney Silver. Roebling is also right around the corner from one of Theo's favorite tattoo parlors, Saved Tattoo.

And speaking of her days as lead of the Lunachicks, I wondered what record inspired her to follow her dreams. “There wasn't one record, there were many. The records I grew up with shaped me into who I am and Frightwig was the first all-female band that made me know I could and would do it.”

Photo - Linus Gelber

I left the interview parting with Theo on the local F line at 7th Avenue. She was off to New York Adorned, her favorite tattoo shop located on 2nd Avenue in Manhattan. Her future goals for 2007 consist of touring with Theo & The Skyscrapers along with more "Screen Test" and filming with Rob Roth.

There have not been many females that impress me enough to follow them for a day, but Theo Kogan is certainly one who takes the world by storm. Her confidence and creativity are a tangible force when standing in her presence and if you go to toast in her honor, just make sure it is Veuve Clicquot, her “standard bubbly.”

Catch Theo on February 16th spinning at Trash! at Rififi and stay updated on her band’s schedule at: http://www.myspace.com/theo.

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