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"How Women Look"
Opening Reception
June 21, 2007

Exhibit Runs
June 21 - July 21, 2007

111 Front St. Gallery 214
DUMBO - Fulton Ferry

Photographed by Amy Davidson

(Opposite Painting by Artist James Cole)

We received an email from New York Cool favorite, Staci Smith. It said: "There’s a group show coming up at the Safe-T-Gallery in Brooklyn called “How Women Look”. I personally like the concept because they’re taking nine artist, both women and men, working in different mediums and asking them to show their idea of “How Women Look”. One of the Art for Progress artists, Aimee Hertog, will be presenting sculptural/installation work at the show. She uses just about every known item of 'household' merchandise ever sold in a 99¢ store to make these over the top pieces that trivialize and highlight the role of women's beauty in society."

New York Cool photographer Amy Davidson attended the opening night reception and got these images.

Artist Aimee Hertog

Baby on the Rocks - Artist Aimee Hertog

Artist Saki Kishimoto Artist Saki Kishimoto
Artist Saki Kishimoto
Artist Saki Kishimoto

Artist James Cole

Artist Paul Shore Artist Lisa Colon


Artist Lucien Dulfan

For more information about the show, log onto: safetgallery.com/HowWomenLook/HWLWriteup.html

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