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Eamon Harkin, Studio B

Written by Kristina Weise
Photographed by DJ Dan2600

As someone who mostly frequents the island of Manhattan during the moonlit hours, it takes some major convincing for me to give up my usual LES-East Village-West Village-party circuit to head into Brooklyn. Yet in early June, I found myself at Studio B’s weekly ‘FUN’ party, where resident DJ Eamon Harkin presented a stellar line up featuring Kavinsky (who is supporting Daft Punk this summer), a band called, ‘ Purple Crush,’ and local guest DJ Shelly.

DJ Kavinsky

‘FUN’ is run by Studio B’s creative director Justine D (Motherfucker) and her entourage of talent: Rok One (The Bangers), June D (White Dove) and Eamon Harkin (Calling All Kids). Todd P. is credited for booking most of the influential acts. Yet Studio B has been opened for close to a year now so I am sure a few readers are scratching their heads wondering why this review now?

This is less about Studio B and more about FUN. I was quite distraught when I heard that ‘Calling All Kids,’ a kick-ass party in New York City founded by Eamon and Melody Nelson, was temporarily on hiatus. When word spread that Eamon was focusing on FUN in Greenpoint, a whole new crowd of friendly and familiar faces could be seen making their way to the local G train.

“It definitely has a certain cache and has built up quite a rep in a short space of time,” commented Eamon on Studio B’s seemingly overnight popularity. For now, Eamon is concentrating on bringing in top talent on a weekly basis. “I think we're done a great job to date. Acts coming up which are confirmed are Chromeo, Kid Sister and Flosstradamus, Yo Majesty, Metronomy, Glass Candy, and The Glimmers.”

The Crowd

That’s pretty impressive for someone who began his U.S. DJ career three years ago in the basement of Lit. Few DJs catch my ear, but when I first heard Eamon spin, there was something very intuitive about how knew what the dance floor craved. He would beat match so precisely that it kept people moving, rather than having to down shift every time a new song was played. And unlike so many other DJs, who just play songs via their iTunes, Eamon uses records as his instruments. It is quite evident he has spent years practicing his finesse.

Despite what talent Studio B brings in, the venue is lucky to have Eamon Harkin, a New York City nightlife staple, whipping crowds of flamboyance, camera flashes, and Ameican Apparel into an intoxicating scent of sweat, glitter and glam. Throw in laser lights and be sure to shake, not stir. In closing, Eamon wanted to remind both Manhattanites and Brooklynites to “get out and dance more. This city established partying, dancing and the DJ culture. Let's stick to our roots.”

And by all means, go out there and have some FUN.

Studio B is located at 259 Banker Street (Btwn Meserole & Calyer Streets, Greenpoint, Brooklyn).
To find out about upcoming FUN parties, check out FUN -

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