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Awaken Beauty Within
May 14, 2007
Christo Fifth Avenue
574 5th Ave New York, NY 10036

Written by Jamie Sharpe
Photographed by Mary Blanco

(Opposite photo: Christo styles Pamela Pekerman’s hair)

The haute monde was afoot in midtown on Monday, May 14th for the “Awaken Beauty Within” benefit held at Christo’s posh salon. The event was a successful demonstration of the generosity within the fashion community. Internationally acclaimed salon owner and celebrity hair stylist, Christo, hosted the charitable function. All of the proceeds benefited the Iris House, which is a Harlem non-profit group that provides services for women with HIV and AIDS.

Christo and Dina Kouladis doing Pamela Pekerman’s hair

Megan Segarra, a freelance make up artist and hair model for Christo,
does make-up for Daisy, Iris House client and winner of Christo makeover.

Within the intimate space, guests were treated to beauty touch ups, massages, and a sexy environment. Everyone seemed to be buzzing about upcoming urban trends that were reflected in the Baby Phat perfume station and the athletic wear in the “Fashion Corner”. AJ Crimson of Kissable Couture said, “This is such a great cause, and I like how the minimalist approach to makeup is echoed in these luxe products.”

Christo Fifth Avenue Receptionist Ronnie Dieterich and Stylist Martin Morales

L-R: AJ Crimson and Troy Monaco

As Christo worked the room, it was clear that Iris House was his top priority. He commented, “I chose Iris House, because there is no middle management taking money away from the women with HIV. I think this event is important, because it promotes beauty within. No matter what the situation is, women want to look and feel beautiful, and I feel honored that I am in a position to help.”

Pamela Pekerman, Founder of, with Christo

“Awaken Beauty Within” inspired benevolence among the glam crowd. Everyone had a fabulous evening, and the serious issues were not lost on any attendees.

Steve Dorsey Gives a Massage to an Iris House Client

Winner Daisy Winner Daisy

Iris House client Daisy won a makeover from Christo and Red Engine Jeans! For more informatioin about Iris House, log onto: For more information about Christo, log onto:


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