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School of American Ballet
Winter Ball
March 5, 2007
New York State Theater
Lincoln Center

Written by Wendy R.Williams
Photographed by Katherin Wermke


Click here for the 2009 School of American Ballet Winter Ball

Winter Ball Chairperson Joanne de Guardiola,
Chairman of the Faculty of the School of American Ballet Peter Martins and
Winter Ball Chairperson Somers Farkas

Winter Ball Junior Chairmen Alexis Tobin, Jill Kargaman, Chelsea Clinton and
Jock Soto of the School of American Ballet

Winter Ball Chairperson Coco Kopelman and Jim Duffy (of Chopard) and
Susan Duffy

Nina Griscom Winter Ball Chairperson Cindy Sites
Jamee Gregory & Peter Gregory Lisa Perry
Michele Herbert Kim Hicks & Alexandra Lebenthal
Jean Shafiroff Edmundo Huerta & Eric Javits
Janisse Tio Susan Fales Hill
Wilbur Ross and Hilary Geary Ross Muffie Potter Aston and Ari Kopelman
Muffie Potter Aston & Somers Farkas Winter Ball Chairpersons Cindy Sites,
Coco Kopelman and Liz Peek

Joanne de Guardiola & Felicia Taylor

Liz Armstrong and her daughter, Liz Peek and Yaz Hernandez

John Hickey, Jim Lebenthal and Michelle Smith

Wilhelmina Hudson, Duane Hampton, Owen Breck & Guest


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