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The Brazilian Girls
Bowery Ballroom
February 14, 2007

Reviewed by Eve Hyman
Photographed by Rafael Fuchs

Sabina of the Brazilian Girls

It was a snowy V-day this year and I planned to attend a concert at Bowery Ballroom with a couple of girl-fronted favorites – Kudu and the Brazilian Girls. Savvy single that I am I calculated that with Nublu Orchestra also on the bill, there would be a few interesting male audience members. It seemed like the right line up for a sassy Valentines Night out – but the snow did make me a bit nervous.

February 14 and the snow was coming down. Passing one of the band members on the street that afternoon I had the chance to confront my fears, “Are you still playing tonight – even with all the snow?” I asked. He confirmed it was on and I didn’t plan to miss it. A friend I’d invited weeks before texted me that she was flaking on our plans. Apparently, she felt like she drinks too much and is too much of a slut too often. Perfect, I texted back, “It’s bloody Valentines Day – what better time to take full advantage?” Wimp that she is, she left me out in the cold on a snowy winter night. Luckily, I’d invited other (though less promiscuous) friends.

I arrived at Bowery Ballroom in time to catch the start of the Brazilian Girls’ set. Sadly I’d missed Kudu, but that may have been on purpose. I saw a romantic Kudu show a couple years ago on V-day with an ex and didn’t want to relive any past moments – only create new ones. I was not disappointed – vocalist Sabina entered the stage fully veiled in a seemingly continuous nightgown from brow to heels. Below the sheath was a nude colored unitard. In this pleated crepe ensemble with butterfly wings, Sabina cooed in German for a few bars and then uttered a climactic – “You sexy a-hole,” to the crowd’s delight. I mean this was, after all, a Vday singles party in a sense.

Despite a full line up of Nublu bands, the Bowery crowd came for Brazilian Girls. Our negligee-clad Barbie commanded everyone’s V-day love. Projections, beats, and a responsive crowd made the night magic and we were complete - footloose and partner free. My favorite was the comedienne who braved the elements in her heart costume!

For more information on upcoming Nublu events visit www.nublu.net. Or you could go to Nublu in Alphabet City for live music and good times - 62 Ave. C New York NY 10009.
For more information on the Brazilian Girls, go to: braziliangirls.info

Eve Hyman, Heart Girl and Youna
Photo Credit Erika Elliott

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