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k-os: Atlantis-Hymns for Disco
Reviewed by Angelique Velez

Atlantis-Hymns for Disco is the third release from the artist k-os. K-os has accepted three Juno Awards, four MuchMusic Awards, six Canadian Urban Music Awards, a Source Award and a garner Grammy nomination. With all of these accomplishments I am embarrassed to admit that this is the first that I have heard of him, but am glad that I now know who he is. This is one of the most eclectic albums that I have ever heard; k-os has created his own genre. This cd is a cross between hip-hop, rock, jazz, reggae, soul and pop. His songs remind me of a mixture of Prince, the Pharcyde, Q-tip, Lincoln Park and Slick Rick. If you are looking for a cd that is different and filled with an array of sounds then this is the album for you.

Some of my favorite songs on Atlantis- Hymns for Disco are “The Rain,” “Sunday Morning,” “Highway 7,” and “The Ballad of Noah.” “The Rain” reminded me of a 1970’s soul song about a love that was lost. His sound is so fresh and the beat is a throwback to the 1970’s era yet the combination of the two creates the perfect melody. “Sunday Morning” takes you into the world of k-os and the life he leads in the music industry. It tells his fans that everyday is work, but Sundays are the days he keeps for him to do what he wants like spending time with family or close friends. “Highway 7” is a beautiful ballad that is pure and untouched. There are no funky beats or obnoxious sounds in the background; it is all about k-os. It is very personal and touching. “The Ballad of Noah” reminds my of old school hip hop and yet starts of with a harmonica playing. It tells a story about life and how each of us is different, but yet similar. Each song gave me a glimpse into the world of k-os and I loved every minute of it! This album has helped him gain a new fan in me and I know it will do the same for many others. Regardless of the genre of music you prefer, there is something in this cd for every one. Give Atlantis-Hymns for Disco a chance and you will not be disappointed!

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