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Norah Jones- Not Too Late
Reviewed by Angelique Velez


Not Too Late is the highly anticipated third release from Norah Jones. This cd includes thirteen tracks that were either written or co written by Norah herself. Not Too Late brings back the soulful sounds and seductive voice that Norah is known for. These selections are very personal and give her fans a good insight of her life. With titles like “Wish I could,” “Sinkin’ Soon,” “Wake Me Up,” “Be My Somebody” and “Broken,” Norah shows her fans the most personal side of her yet. I actually enjoyed the entire album so much that it’s hard for me to pick out some of my favorites. “Sinkin’ Soon” has a unique sound from the 1960’s that stands out, combine this with Norah’s voice this track will be a definite hit. “Not Too Late” and “Broken” show us that Norah goes through the emotions that many of us do at one time or another: heartbreak, love, losing and gaining relationships and finding a sense of hope. Not Too Late shows us that Norah is very much like a normal person and that she experiences things just like the rest of us. In life we all go through different experiences that lead us to change our emotions. We can be happy at one moment and completely depressed at the next; this junior album from Norah Jones portrays this perfectly. She lets her fans into her head and shows us that it’s not so clear and clean cut. Each song provides a different side of her and when they are all put together they represent life, not only the life of Norah Jones, but a life that many of us can relate with; one full of change and adaptations. Not Too Late will help you relate with a very talented artist and will make you feel as if you are a part of her world. Don’t miss out on the experience.

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