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The O’Jays
Lehman Center for the Performing Arts
The Bronx, NY
Saturday February 24, 2007

Reviewed by Evan Ginzberg


This is the way it was meant to be: a huge, beautiful, classy venue worthy of a distinguished act and their timeless music. A beloved, still magnificent group pouring their hearts out, backed by an impeccable fourteen piece “orchestra” with a large horn section. And several thousand enthusiastic fans, rising in unison to give their heroes a deserved standing ovation at the end of a truly great show.

Yes, it felt like the ‘70s again when the O’Jays triumphed in The Bronx last night.
So why do so many “oldies shows” flounder while this one “flourished?” I can succinctly sum up this wildly successful event- “It pays to advertise.”

With large ads repeatedly run in major New York newspapers and huge O’Jays banners in the area around the event, New York knew that an all-time great act was coming to town. Of course, I’m sure that having a corporate sponsor helped in this department, but what this really tells me is that so many classic groups remain marketable if only promoters knew how to reach their still devoted following.

Throughout the evening the audience was in the palm of the O’Jays’ hands. Sitting at the feet of musical royalty for an hour fifteen or so, there was an outpouring of love for each classic number. Sure, there could have been an encore, but frankly how can you top For the Love of Money anyway? It was most definitely a smiling, thrilled crowd walking out onto the cold Bronx streets.

Bravo to all involved for a show done right on every level. One can only hope that other promoters learn by example and present more legendary acts in the manner they deserve.


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