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Tibet Uprising Commemoration
March 10, 2007
New York City

Photographed by Wayne Huang

The New York Tibetan community and their supporters rallied at Daj Hammerskjold Plaza at the UN and then marched down Third Avenue (turning on 14th Street and then to Unioin Square) on Saturday, March 20, 2007 in commemoration of the 1959 Tibetan uprising. New York Cool photographer Wayne Huang was on hand and he got these images. Dag

Here is a copy of the press release from the Tibetan Community of
NY/NJ: "Thousands of Tibetans and supporters commemorated the 1959 Tibetan Uprising with the largest march and demostration ever held by Tibetans in the tri-state area. This year marks the 48the anniversary of the fateful day in 1959 when tens of thousands of Tibetans in the capital city, Lhasa, took to the streets to demand Chinese occupying forces leave Tibet. Tibetans and supporters around the world held protests in 56 cities and towns today in what is now the largerst March 10th observation since the 1959 uprising.

"On this important day, Tibetans around the world remember and pay tribute to the sacrifice of those courageous Tibetans who rose up against the occupying Chinese forces in Lhasa," said Tenzin Kalden, President of the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress. "Today, nearly fifty years later, the situation inside Tibetan remains critical and so Tibetans around the world continue the fight for the restoration of freedom and independence to our nation."

"Late last year, China faced intense international condemnation when foreign mountaineers at a Mt. Everest base camp releases video footage showing Chinese border guards shooting at a group of Tibetans attempting to cross the Nangpa Pass into Nepal. A seventeen year-old nun, Kelsang Namtso, was shot and killed and Chinese solders captured many of those in the group at gunpoint, including at least nine young children.

"As we approach the 2007 Beijing Olympics, the Chinese government must realize that Tibetans are going to speak out against their brutal occupation of Tibet," said Lhadon Tethong, Executive Director of Students for a Free Tibet. "We will use their Olympic Games as a platform to expose China for its egregious human rights abuses in Tibet and illegitimate rule over our people."

"The New York rallies featured prominent guest speakers including Dr. Robert Thurman, internationally renowned scholar of Tibetan Buddhism and award-winning Tibetan writers, Jamyang Norbu and Tenzin Tsundue."

Please visit www.March10.org for more information on the protests worldwide.


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