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Capturing the Spirit of
American Chang

Written by Jamie Sharpe
Photographed by Jeffrey Gottlieb

American Chang designer R. Scott French is not intimidated by splashy colors, sick elephant buttons, reverse dip dyes, or pink power poodles. Clearly, he has learned to seamlessly integrate high fashion with fun. Everything is tongue in cheek, and French says his clothes are designed for, “the guy who is daring.” Best known for creating flashy blazers that are quickly snatched up by the glitterati, French is expanding his reach. All of his jackets now have matching pants, and he is also putting out finely embroidered tee-shirts.

His most recent designs are inspired by a trip to Italy. French explains, “I was wandering around the Corso Via Emanuele while my wife shopped at Replay. I looked up and started taking pictures of the unbelievable graphitti wall which inspired my collection.” Now, the “Milano Man” from Corso Via Emanuele graces the linings of his vintage inspired blazers.

Attention to detail is the most prevalent characteristic in all of the designs that blend a myriad of fabrics and unexpected elements. Linen, seersucker, and denim are used throughout the collection. Bold graphics and foxy linings are the hallmarks of American Chang. The linings are so stylish that many a fashion forward fellow sports his blazer inside out.

According to French, “Real fashion just happens. When it’s too thought out, it looks thought out. If it’s done well and natural, it will look good.” American Chang utilizes this sentiment by mixing impeccable fitting suits with hipster technology. The result is an upscale collection with a downtown feel that is as eye-catching as it is chic.

R. Scott French R. Scott French

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