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The Faces of Immigration
May 1, 2007
Immigration March

Written by Wendy R. Williams
Photographed by Angelo Rivera

Thousand of illegal immigrants and their supporters marched through Brooklyn, across the Brooklyn Bridge and into Manhattan on May 1, 2007 to protest the harsh immigration laws that are being proposed in Congress. See this article on BBC News.

The United States needs to come to its senses about immigration. This business of protesting the arrival of the "funny looking new people" has been going on ever since our country was born. And we have thrived just because our immigrants are hardy folk who braved tremendous obstacles to get here in the first place and then trudged on against our nation's predjudices after they arrived. It was so for my group (the Irish: freckles; frizzy hair; bad teeth from the famine - you know the drill) and it will always be so. The truth is we need these people or they would not be here. After all, do you want to pay $7 for an orange or walk to the Chinese restaurant to pick up your own food? People immigrate, take the jobs the old settlers don't want, send their children to school and work their way up the ladder. And this infusion of new blood is what has always made this nation great.


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