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Star Lounge

Written by Jack Curtin

Anyone even marginally familiar with the Chelsea Hotel is probably aware of its notable, if checkered, past: Sid may have killed Nancy here, and luminaries like William Burroughs, Tennessee Williams, and Jack Kerouac have all – at one point or another – called it home.

Which is why Star Lounge – sister outfit to the legendary, celeb-studded Star Room in the Hamptons – somehow seems an odd choice for an affiliated club. Located directly beneath the hotel, its dark interior and pastel lighting effects call to mind Miami - instantly vanquishing any remnants of bohemia still hanging on in the confines above.

The club takes over from Serena – a hotspot a few years back which had inevitably cooled to a crowded, B&T-friendly nightmare. Star Lounge is attempting to rekindle the space’s former glory and so far, things look promising. For starters, the door here is well-managed and well-run. While I didn’t get a real warm and fuzzy feeling from the staff, judging by the crowds outside and ease of movement within they can afford to pick and choose. The music on a recent Saturday night was basically run-of-the-mill hip hop – not my taste but the attractive groups of young men and women hovered over tables brimming with bottles of Grey Goose didn’t have any complaints. If you do go to Star the place to be is the VIP-only Room 100 – an adjunct off the main space that, in all honesty, seemed pretty much the same as the rest of the club. (Hint: If you’re looking for a more fashion-forward party check out Tuesday’s karaoke night.)

In a lot of ways Star Lounge’s whole scene reminds me of Marquee a few years ago. And with its moneyed, bottle-buying crowd, Hamptons pedigree, and ‘music for the masses’ appeal, it will likely do well. But if you're gonna check it out, I’d do so sooner rather than later, as the crowds that ruined Serena may not be far behind.

Star Lounge
222 W 23rd St (between Seventh and Eighth Avenues)
(212) 255-4646


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