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Nico & Adrian
Brooklyn Fashion Week(End)
Tobacco Warehouse
Empire-Fulton Ferry Park
State Park
Dumbo, Brooklyn
October 20, 2007

Written by Jamie Sharpe
Photographed by Eli Ceballos




Things might have started out a little rocky, due to a cancellation of the first night’s events. Inclement weather is never fun! But, as soon as the clothing debuted the following night on the catwalk, all eyes were on the emerging fashion and break out talent. Nico & Adrian proved that spring is in the wear with their Canival-esque looks.

Ultimately, if you want to know what the new shape of sexy looks like, that you need not look beyond Nico & Adrian. This duo showed a come-hither collection of frills, bright haute colors, decadent headwear, and luxurious fabrics that screamed look-at-me. Nothing was subtle about this line. It was all very dramatic and culminated to a submersion in the ultra fabulous.

Nico & Adrian were the perfect choice to jump start Brooklyn Fashion Weekend. This adventurous clothing strongly deviated from the complacent and catapulted the evening into a frenzy of vibrant looks decked out with a regime of ruffles. Every piece looked fresh and celebrated glamour with the brights of spring. The audience buzzed as indulgence was clearly the theme of Nico & Adrian’s newest line. And the provocative vibe definitely captured the flirtatious feel of the weekend.




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