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Twirling in Your Underwear
2(x)ist Fashion Show
Metropolitan Pavillion
September 11, 2007

Written by Anusha Alikhan
Photographed by Ian Bone


Ahhh…2(x)ist in a world where the music rocks, bodies are hot, underwear is a fashion statement, and celebrity nymphs manhandle hula hoops dressed in nothing but black lingerie. In honor of New York Fashion Week, on September 11, 2007 the creative team at men's underwear line, 2(x)ist, made it all possible.

Launched in 2005, 2(x)ist is working to revolutionize men's underwear. Recognizing a rising demand for eco-friendly products, in Spring 2006 the company introduced the first line of soy underwear ever made. During Fashion Week a new fabric dubbed "liquid cotton," owing to its fluid texture, was showcased in the "Dow XLA" collection.

But state-of-the-art fabrics are just a small part of the 2(x)ist package, as can be seen from the September 11th show. Boxers, briefs, tees, and tanks graced the catwalk hugging steel buns and chiseled biceps. And make no mistake, these brothers are no relation to the 'tighty whitey' family—the red chili square cut trunks, storm-grey no-show briefs, and low-rise patterned shorts, were made to be seen.

Keeping with the sexy and supple theme, two female acrobats took the stage at the show’s half-way point lithely twisting midair round silken sheets. Surprise guest, Carmen Electra grabbed the wheel next, swinging provocatively from a giant ring in a lacey black corset and fishnet stockings as the delighted crowd cheered her on.

Who knew underwear could be so much fun?

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