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Art For Progress "Art of Design"
15 W 28th Street
September 6, 2007

Written by Jamie Sharpe
Photographed by Katherin Wermke

Opposite Design: Selma Karaca

Art For Progress is a non-profit collaboration of artists in New York with creative input that stretches from Barcelona to Beijing. This is a new breed of designers who are not afraid to push the envelope beyond the scripted shows of Bryant Park that rely heavily on expensive fabrics, look-a-like models, and forgettable color palettes. Of course, there is nothing wrong with the gold standard of fashion, but it certainly is provocative to shake things up and see what happens when talented creatives are given true freedom. The result? Well, it’s Art For Progress.

There was a definite buzz in the air, as all of the pieces by designers Selma Karaca and Lu Kun were edgy and inventive. Karaca showed first, and this Turkey native focused intently on details. Everything in the collection from the pleating to the elaborate stitching was done by hand, and the garments draped beautifully over the models. The long gowns in the collection reflected movement as they practically danced down the runway. In the industry, Karaca is commonly referred to as a purist, and her designs reflect the soul of a true artist.

Lu Kun is the first couture designer based in Shanghai, China, and his creations spoke to the upcoming Beijing Summer Olympics. Kun paid homage to his homeland by draping his models in the red and gold colors of the Chinese flag. The result was striking and made a bold statement. All of his designs had a casual, yet sophisticated feel. The focus was clearly on the cut of the garments, and the floor length silk chiffon jacket and short hoodie were magnificent.

Art For Progress clearly has found design stars in Lu Kun and Selma Karaca. The fashion world waits to see what directions these worldly designers will take us in next season.

Designer Selma Karaca Designer Selma Karaca
Designer Selma Karaca Designer Selma Karaca
Designer Lu Kun Designer Lu Kun

Designer Lu Kun

Fabulous Fashionista

Sandy Grant of MMN's "Fashion Fever" & New York Cool's Jamie Sharpe



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